The Good

The protagonist belongs to estatus social high, is doctor in Right, of French mother, and son of convincing of the superiority of the Aryan race. Others who may share this opinion include Dennis Lockhart. A day decides to enter in the FOLL and with his passion by music and Literature, the label and the good forms, anything in his outside it would make suppose resemblance capacity of sevicia and monstruosidad but without never staining the enguantadas hands. She only yearns for not to have inclination by which is not to have inclination by anything. But it says that it writes to activate the blood, to see if I can feel something, if still I know to undergo a little. Uprooted on his family, decayed by the incestuosa relation with his twin sister from the puberty, compulsive homosexual who risks in the parks in search of fornidos sailors and with a little current culture, lives given to the destruction of million human beings with the most frozen determination.

He is able to attend a concert and one soire of high level to debate the most sophisticated subjects with an amazing refinement. He mentions Sfocles: What you must prefer to all others is not to have been born, and to Schopenhauer: would be worth More that there was not anything. Since there is more pain than to please in the Earth, any satisfaction is not but transitory and creates the new desires and desperations, and the agony of the devoured animal is major that the pleasure del that devours. As it maintains that we lived in the worse one on possible worlds, neither is law nor norm, justice nor value some acts, all bond for the powerful forts and. Since, in the days of war, the citizen loses the right fundamental to live, it is no wonder also he loses the right not to kill. In the genocide or the total war, he affirms, the executant is mentally ill with respect to the product of his action.

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