The Garden

For making a window unit uses laminated veneer lumber, used as a glazing windows. In larger houses and apartments to exit to the garden or to go from one room to another using portals. This word comes from the Latin porta, which means "entrance". Currently the portal is called the main entrance to the building, as well as door and balcony sliding design. Their happy owners the opportunity to enjoy panoramic view from the window, from your sofa or chair. In residential areas are usually installed portals with parallel sliding opening system or with folding doors, such as "accordion" for conservatories sometimes used and up-and-sliding model.

For portals, especially leading to a terrace or balcony, is characterized by the use of glass. Among the advantages of the portal – a large area, allowing plenty of light to pass at any time of year. All this increases the visual space, making it more open and more voluminous. Typically, one of the wings portal can recline, providing ventilation in closed session. Of the main drawbacks is high cost: the larger the area of glass design portal, the higher its value.

Despite the fact that stained glass look decorative home decoration, the windows with a pattern of colored glass serve no worse conventional transparent. After all, in fact, stained glass – it's not so much a window as part of its translucent: the word vitrum, which gave it its name, in Latin and means "glass". Therefore, the window with this unusual design may be the most different: large and small, with a rotary or swing-out mechanism, hinged or sliding.

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