The Formula

There is a part should be separated from the rest because knowledge put into action is really powerful. The action is the factor number three. Most people believe that knowledge is power, but that's not true because then you become a scholar of something but not more intelligent die eventually, but not transcended. Knowledge put into action is what is powerful and when knowledge is put into action learning skills, is the factor number four of the cycle. The ability to focus on what they really want, but most of the people he spends a lifetime focused on what will not. The ability to take action, focus on your dreams, your goals, contact solution, to motivate others, to associate in frontal and depth, to teach the business plan, to be in control of yourself. If you're still taking focused action to achieve your dreams, achieve success or fifth cycle factor. But the matter does not stop there, the success that they can generate more belief there and the cycle is repeated continuously in a real spiral of growth provided they do not let pride enter and engage in your mind.

Success is not a determination, is a journey, is a constant journey because if you reach the top it will only be a place where you can go is down. So never arrive, get a commitment for life always willing to learn, grow and change. We always have to be in a constant search, the formula is the humble, simple. .

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