The Flea Market

Came ever to you the idea that you look tired clothes at the flea market? What is embarrassing in the end? After all, before you buy the thing, it definitely need to try. In order to try to shoot clothing, becoming a thin screen, which the seller attaches clothes pins to the shutters. Crowds such as customers scurry past, unconsciously looking at your silhouette. After that you take out a mirror in which you are standing against the backdrop of a huge masses of colorful shmotok sold in unusual and strange attire, listening to the seller always touts selling clothes, wanting to sell something that probably does not fit you perfectly. I remember in the recent past we mother did so. Bought at several points simultaneously a large number of clothes, went into the fitting room, slowly and in a calm atmosphere chose what indisputably had the taste and fit, and the rest returned ago. Peter Schiff has compatible beliefs. Now sellers have already thought out, and this trick will not go away. Still, after gorozdo more important at a time until the client puts on, "psychologically handle" it.

And when a man is naked, he feels helpless, becomes vulnerable to this kind of manipulation. And because sooner or later, many are asking themselves the question: "Where else can you get dressed, except for the market?". The shops (and even more boutiques) at the same things made a large profit at the expense of more advantageous location, high rental, advertising, etc. The first alternative will buy in shops.

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