The Finishing

It is better to agree on increase in the price per unit area. Still come out cheaper. Be patient and arm measuring tool, simply put, a tape measure. When calculating the cost of electrical work pay attention to such concept as 'electric point'. Electricians, not always, but often cunning and each element is connected to electrical fixtures or electrical device (lamp, chandelier, switch, junction box, hood, washing, each individual outlet, united in a common block) is considered separately for the extra point and take money for Stroebe walls, laying cable in the corrugation, laying cable in plasterboard and other construction, manufacturing holes under electrical fittings, installation setup boxes, sealing the same cutting grooves, in fact, connect each power point by the number of elapsed time and different technological operations, respectively considered and paid differently. Very interesting position is the rise of materials and garbage.

These works cost may exceed the real execution of the finishing room. So some builders say the rise 1 pounds of cargo on the number of floors. Thus, if a bag of plaster 'Rotband' weighs 30 kg., His ascent by builders on the 5 th floor, will cost you 150 rubles, while the total weight of construction materials 2.5 ton pay 12,500 blood ruble. Stevedore crew that specializes in raising materials for the same work would take about 4000 rubles. A similar situation with the removal of construction debris. Hire a separate crew for the dismantling and removal of trash. These people know their job and do it quickly, efficiently and at an adequate price.

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