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After that purchase orders were stopped for fear of the previous move that shook Central several who came to buy dollars in the last stampede in conflict with the field in April. AR had soared to $ 3.22 and took him to Central AR $ 3.01 a month after applying the rigor of the Kirchner government: the full effect of punishment. But the scenario today is different from May and the biggest internal threats, which have existed for months before it formally declared the crisis in US-foreign join now. In a question-answer forum Kenneth R. Feinberg was the first to reply. “El Central is facing a lawsuit buy the dollar as a refuge and not as an investment. No matter the price you asked, but sold it, “says financial field.

“What is clear from the main entrepreneurs and executives of the country is not yet stabilized new dollar balance in Argentina. Others including “Bull by the Horns”, offer their opinions as well. There seems to be located below $ 3.40 in the present circumstances, and the proof is that the Central not to sell, “says The Chronicle Commercial. The truth is that in Argentina dropped the confidence, credibility and expectations that a new setback for the government clears and we will move quickly to where the country is headed, inexorably to the usual trilogy of crises: financial, economic and social . And this imperative of funds by the Argentine government has done to pop psychosis on a possible establishment of a “yard” in Latin America. The Federal Reserve approved four lines of credit (foreign exchange swaps) for emerging countries: Brazil, Mexico, South Korea and Singapore to improve liquidity conditions in global financial markets.

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