The Division

Have some importance the division in spirit and soul? It is a subject of primordial importance because it affects the life tremendously spiritual of the believer. As a believer can understand the life spiritual if not know reach of the world spiritual? Without understanding this never poderara to try the sanctification tridimencional. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with author. I want to cite plus a text to conclude this point: ' ' Because the word of God is alive and efficient, and more cutting of what any sword of two gumes, and penetrates until the division of soul and spirit, and meetings and marrows, and is apt to discern the thoughts and intentions from the heart. (Hb. If you would like to know more then you should visit Federal Reserve Bank. 4:12) ' '. In this versicle, the sacred writer divides the not corporal elements of the man in two parts, soul and spirit. Here if he mentions the corporal part through the meetings and of the marrows? motor and sensorial agencies. When the priest uses the knife to cut and to divide the sacrifice total, cannot be nothing occult.

Also to the meetings and the marrows are broken up (tutanos). In the same way Mr. Jesus uses the Word of God on its people to separate it all, to also penetrate until the division of the spiritual, psychic and the physicist. daqui if deduces that, rank that if can divide the soul and the spirit, must be different in its nature. Thus, it is evident here that the man is a made up of three dimensions. Wanted reading, the failure in understanding the difference between the spirit and the soul is fatal for the maturity spiritual. Frequently the Christians consider spiritual what he is psychic (that is, of the soul), and in this way remain in a psychic state and they do not look for what it is spiritual seriously. That is lamentable! Then, since we understand to be the composed man of three distinct compretamentes parts one of the others, then, we go to adentrar in our main subject? Tridimencional sanctification.

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