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The World: That he details possible new activities in the regulation that the government wishes to realise. The recognition of the minister of Insufficient action and with the request of resignation of the chief of a main directorate of Civil defense on the part of the PP the affected Citizen letters of the hearing: Three letters only take shelter, one in each newspaper in the same date 29/12/04 in the Country that does a show of objectivity publishing the letter of affecting requesting excuses in a language that denotes the tone of sarcasm and incoherence with the words of the Director of Civil defense and another one in the newspaper the World protesting objectivity in the TVE emission, chain that according to regulates that it gives little trustworthy criteria of priority. And in this is accused of to bury the news estimating that the slogan of this fact comes from the Government., We against have then to two average news expressing itself like line to favor or line of the party in the power the LANGUAGE: that it is used, defines the position of Lyotard where are no valid rules of universal way for all the possible games of the language What if we can observe it is that the message that began to be informative (day 26/12/20), that is to say, specific transmitter of data of the reality, went turning into identification and expressive message of feelings and emotions with the purpose of to generate affection, adhesions and affections in the adressee, except for using the considerations in order to bring about in the people certain behaviors and to influence their will through an imperative or an image. The present majority of newspapers and magazines are made up of textual language and language of the image that also we can call graph or line of vision..

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