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Actually “sell” this does not mean “pushing”, as some believe. Sales – this help, satisfaction with the present needs of the client, sometimes he himself can not express. This will require patience and tact and knowledge, and psychology. Easy task, but worth it. Due to the fact that the designer from the outset will communicate with the customer, he can immediately choose the right direction and avoid the numerous changes. In addition, if the designer actually spent competent preparatory work and well-recognized client, him and sell his work to this client will be easier.

That’s how it turns out that in the article about creating professional logos I did not spend a lot of space design, and sales. This is no accident. By and large, even the presentation of their design work supervisor, it is also for sale. Let’s go back to the top of the article. We asked the question: how to work effectively, how to combine art and business design? Here is my training plan design work: the first stage. Familiarity with the client, learning their business. Competitor analysis, identifying common features in the design of its market niche.

Formulation of the problem. second stage. The first sketches. Work is done in advance specified directions. The third stage. Presentation of the first options, the adjustment problem. Edit selected sketches with the customer on the agreed criteria. Fourth stage. Presentation of the finished product. Overcoming the last objection. Sale. Using such a plan, you will avoid all sorts of creative propulsion, the development of dead-end lines and endless rewrites. If you are from the outset will be attentive to the client and often look at things from his point of view, your attitude will rapidly become trustees. This will greatly help you in the final stage. Perhaps you could say anything new I have not said it all You know that. But there is such proverb: “to know and do not use – it means not to know.” Distinguishes a true professional skills to build their work on the plan. He does not dare to climb uncontrollably in the creative wilds. He spends time effectively and consistently solves the problems of each stage of work. Gradually, step by step, professional brings his project to the finals, a satisfied customer takes his job, and they parted as friends. It’s like working mechanism. Not in vain say: stability – a sign of excellence. You may well build their projects in the same way. If all phases of your work has been carefully made, success is guaranteed. This is verified. Good luck to you in writing.

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