The Book Industry

In the Moscow State University Press hosted a meeting of employees book industry. At the invitation of Lena B., Head of Department of the book business, and AA Stolyarov, dean of the publishing industry and Journalism in the audience on Sadovaya-Spassky came the book industry professionals to discuss vital issues. Panellists were asked to identify with the terminology. What is a crisis, as it identify how to understand it? For the industry, the word "crisis" is not new. By Remark GV Kozhevnikov, head of publishing house "Terra", the crisis of overproduction in the book market for a long time, non-payment of rent growth and retail only exacerbate it. All of this is a systemic crisis. AF Cohen, chief marketing publishers 'AST', noted that in 1998 we have already had occasion to experience strong financial turmoil. And this sad episode demonstrated that in publishing the financial crisis affects very weakly.

Then, because of the ruble against the dollar suffered mainly publishers, working with foreign literature. In the future, the price of paper seriously increase, and book publishers will be able to stay afloat through the issue of cheap paperbacks. The demand for business and economic literature will decrease sharply, while the most popular will be enjoy entertainment and educational literature. Not everyone agreed with this prediction. For example, Kozhevnikov said that demand for the paperback has long been satisfied, and BA Kuzmin, President of MAP, the first deputy. gene. Director of printing complex "Pushkinskaya Ploshchad", assured that the price of paper has fallen by 7-10%, and this is likely not the limit.

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