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Are you a sleepwalker? If you interested by the topics that I try on my blog, is likely, fairly likely that not. But you may know more than one that you need to be woken up. They say that sleepwalkers is bad to wake them, that we should only do so if you are about to do damage… and your. What do you think you’ll feel those sleepwalkers within 10 or 15 years of having lived in the unconscious form? Repentance is a form of pain.

Symptoms of a Sleepwalker: 1st. Go with the autopilot. Do not question the everyday actions that take, are too busy to question whether what they do is right or wrong, if you drive them somewhere, if that site is that really wants to go. 2nd. They don’t have a real consciousness of the life beyond their day to day. Excessive occupation of tasks that take up much time but generate little value to their lives, consumed them most of the day, but they can’t see beyond.

3rd. Fill your life with hours in front of the TV, the computer, playing simply because it is fun, because they don’t have anything else to do. They are not aware of the minutes, hours, days, precious years of their lives that are gradually burning nonsense. 4th. They don’t have a purpose, a goal, an objective towards which look. Comply with work for his salary to make ends meet, to be able to eat and pay the invoices. That, the subsistence, is his only visible goal. 5th. They are passive, leave that circumstances go shaping their destiny. They have nothing to do, or decide. They suffer lives that don’t like, but see no other way out. They accept this suffering believing that he awaits something better in the future. They are not happy, but not UNHAPPY enough to do something about it. 6th. They have no time. They are always busy. They do not find opportunity to do what they would like to do. Instead of time, they have a variety of excuses to use if you are asked why. 7th. They do not pay attention to their thoughts, their feelings. Meaningfully them saying yes to them that things will now change, that this dislike, is passed. 8th. They may be getting very good results. but living a life that does not satisfy them. Chasing dreams of others. Conquering objectives set by society, without asking if this is really what makes them happy. Or pursue objectives that they believe that they need if you realize that your life so far, you’ve been walking asleep, or know someone who goes out there, sleepwalking. DESPIERTALO! Nothing will happen! Simply, seeks to do with love, as you despertarias your son if he were sleepwalking toward a hazard. If you want to stop going through life on autopilot, coaching is the best tool to return to resume the flight on your own.

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