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Parents are not known, according to the story his tutors are three very handsome cooks. Pucca Funny LoveTambien called funny love sweet love (but in the series not the shorts, although it remains in English) early in the series, whose duration was two and a half minutes, only aired online, but over time it spread towards the TV. The series focused on Pucca and Garu (besides various minor characters). In most of the episodes of the series you can see garu trying to escape the love of Pucca. In other episodes faces his archenemy name ninja Garu Tobe (who always ends up beaten by Pucca). Pucca: serieEs it the television version of Pucca Funny Love, where there was an Alliance of three companies for its production, 2 in this series the plot was kept but this time added secondary characters that accompanied the protagonists in his adventures, 3 in addition to add dialogue to the characters (with the exception of Pucca and Garu) and finally its duration was extended to seven minutes per episode. It premiered in 2006 and to date has 39 episodes. Film is likely but is they first rumored that the episode will be the last part of the second season (called The Attack of the Schlumpies), and that film will be released this year in last months or to 2012 and that movie were the Pucca to travel around the world for new adventures of love. Illusion Studios, The Animation Picture Company, encourages studies and Starz Media will make the film of Pucca in Argentine, Mexican and Latin American cinemas (because Pucca is popular in Latin America) completely in 3D, will probably be produced in Mexico (support), argentina (voices) and USA (company Disney last settings) are planning the premiere to 2013. The characters of this plot are Garu (a ninja who always tries to escape of Pucca), Pucca (a girl with a passion for noodles and his one love Garu); also are their Ho guys, Dumpling and Linguini (those who prepare the best noodles of already-Yang at the Chin-Duda restaurant), ring ring (the enemy of Pucca), Tobe (a ninja like Garu who swore revenge on Garu for unknown reasons), Ching (the best friend of Pucca) and Abyo (a guy who worships (kung-fu and is the best friend of Garu).

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