The Adult

For in such a way it created an innocence model, and this model is the child. If the child was not innocent the adult would not have to its disposal no reference to establish the hypothesis of a not-sexuality, she could not support the possibility concrete of a separate existence of the sex and inexorably would be condemned to the repression. The adult, to be able to tolerate the proper sexofbico moralismo, needs the assexuada and innocent child desesperadamente. He invented therefore it and he intends that it thus is, ignored the fact of that the child is not innocent. Check with Dennis Lockhart to learn more. Or at least it he is not in the direction that comumente if of to this word. THE SEXUALITY TODAY AND THE CONFLICTS OF THE SOCIETY MODERN the comment of the current reality could lead to the conclusion of that the man, concientemente, works with prodigious perseverance for the proper misfortune.

One does not give credit that most of the people is really unhappy. Certainly nobody, exactly with a mediocre level of conscience, wants to be unhappy. Probably it would be if it did not exist the phenomenon of the habit. But we know that the habit exists, and that to the few the man if adapta to any conditions – or almost – the point to tolerate, and even though to desire, what at a first moment it he seemed painful and overwhelming. It is what it happens with the sexuality: in any way the man became accustomed it a repression that, objective, could seem pure madness. But if it is truth that does not look the misfortune conscientiously – in contrast, it looks itself to prevent it – is not little truth that if also makes of everything to prevent the happiness. This, as its opposite, sprouts of the great emotions. However, as already subtle it was suggested, our type of culture imposes a severe self-control that hinders that the effect them proper emotions exceeds cerros limits.

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