The Acceptance

Never I would recommend, however, that such analyses fully and create entirely by external consultants to make. The most important is the acceptance of the involved staff – and an approach that is simple and understandable. The composition of the project team In the second stage determines the composition of the project team. This should focus on the task in hand. Therefore: Dice ‘ no team together, but watch out for a good mix of longstanding and new, young and old, as well as male and female employees. Invite colleagues from different areas, so stop the desolate Zustandigkeitsdenke – and in the future the customer-oriented cooperation beyond all departmental selfishness works smoothly. Also keep in mind that there are always two phases in the course of a project: the brainstorming phase and the phase of transfer into reality.

For both phases, we need different types of people. For the purpose of developing new ideas, it needs lateral thinkers, anarchists, visionaries, destroyer and rule breakers. These give the creative input. They ask the ludicrous, they think the unthinkable and dream away in the most beautiful castles in the air into it. In the first phase, you can have enough crazy ideas. In the second phase we will bring back then the useful ideas on the ground.

To do this, the composition of the project team must be changed. Because the transfer at a high level of the feasibility requires a different type of people: the detailed maker, protector and keeper. We need this to lay the stepping stones in the new country. Are they consulted but too early, they stifle any crazy idea in the bud. Consult some – possible inconvenient – customers to appropriate project times that act as idea supplier and/or feedback sensor. If this is not possible, then put a virtual customer representative with at the meeting table.

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