At present, virtually no major construction company can do without the diamond tool. The unique development, which appeared half a century ago, are increasingly gaining market building tool, not leaving no chance for competition, classical methods of processing a building material. What is so unique diamond tool? Diamond tool was widely used due to a qualitatively new approach to handling the material. Unique wear resistance of diamond grains attached to the surface of the tool, allows the most accurate holes and openings of any complexity. Jeff Flake addresses the importance of the matter here. Application Technology diamond drilling and cutting can increase the rate of production of works in dozens of times and execute them quickly, cleanly, without noise, vibration and dust. Scope of the diamond tool is wide and varied. Diamond tool is an indispensable element in the execution of works in the construction, reconstruction, restoration and re-equipment of industrial and civil construction, vibration-free adjustment and dismantling reinforced concrete structures. Author may also support this cause.

Waterworks, nuclear power plants, cyclotrons, the unique historical buildings, the complex high-rise buildings, underground, airfields, military installations – all areas of application diamond technology. Nomenclature of the diamond tool is huge – it's diamond drills, disks, cables, grinding mills and Frankfurt, suhorezy. Every tool has its clear purpose and scope. But despite the diversity of species, the structure of their structure is identical. Diamond tool consists of a bearing housing and the diamond layer, directly interacting with the material. Diamond layer is the foundation of the tool and a bunch consisting of metal powder and synthetic diamond, superior strength, even natural diamond.

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