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Guest speaker Michael Samson gives tips and insights on how companies quickly can establish Wiesbaden itself after its establishment on the market, 03.09.2009. The Business Club Taunus connection e.V. based in Wiesbaden, Germany presented the lecture from the Start-Up to the market leader in eight weeks on Monday, September 7,”. Speaker is Michael Samson, founder and Supervisory Board of SemiGator AG. Silver Berger has founded three companies since 1999 and expanded within the shortest time to market leaders. Go ahead limited was to even contributed that in Germany the GmbH law was changed after more than 100 years. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nicholas Carr.

Now, he passes on his experience to interested entrepreneurs. The event will take place at 18:45 in Wiesbaden Hotel Orange in the flat road. The entrepreneur Michael Samson has helped more than 25,000 customers with go ahead-limited period of three years, to establish British Limiteds with German offices via the Internet. In addition, he informed interested entrepreneurs in numerous seminars about the possibilities of this form of society. In 2008, he launched the seminar Portal semigator.de. The company aims to reduce the course costs for companies and individuals.

Trainer and seminar providers can publish their offers on the platform, which same have the opportunity to compare and book directly. Meanwhile, semigator.de is the market leader in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland with over 200,000 available seminars for a wide variety of industries. More than 50 members of the Taunus connection e.V. are entrepreneurs and executives from all industries. The Economic Club is for the mutual promotion and support of its members and has written on the flags themselves, to build sustainable relationships. The Board is committed to the target, to recruit more members, as well as to continue the dialogue between the members. The Club invites regular club nights, where participants meet and both about Business as private can be exchanged. Taunus connection e.V.: Taunus connection is as a business club since 2002. The club meets with over 50 members from all sectors regularly every first Monday in the month at Hotel Orange, Wiesbaden. High-profile guest speakers and intensive networking are the regular programmes of the popular club nights. The Association sees itself as a driving force of the economy and relies on the mutual promotion and support its members.

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