Target Market Product

5 .- What is Target Market Product? Are your users to search the Internet? – For example, if you sell are Jewels of High Level, you can go very wrong, because those who buy these gems are mostly men who intend to pledge at Valentine gift for your loved ones. These men, between 23 and 45, are typically not experts, so they attend a prestigious jewelry which has a dependent with good taste in buying advise them and help them choose which Gift Joya. For them to buy something online, it is unthinkable. They also tend to buy at the last minute, so they are not willing to wait the standard three weeks it takes for an international package. However, imagine that what you sell is an Electronic Commerce course, then it will be very easy because the typical consumer is a man or woman between 20 and 55 years, eager to achieve a better standard of living, which navigates between 1 and 6 hours per day online and it is there, in the Big Red Network, which goes to find the course you need to learn to Succeed.

So, in this case, it is all very easy. So, you see, the market a product online is not something that anyone without training can do, because just to see if you can dare to start on the Internet, you must know: 1 .- If the product can be sold internationally legally. 2 .- If you can Submit a customer quickly and efficiently, whether by Internet or Transportation. Speaking candidly Peter Schneider Primerica told us the story.

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