Take Decisions Difficult

This is the experience that tells us of Margaret, who recently resorted to the circulation of letters. Margarita is 32 years old, and is of Caceres. It is a girl we can say that he has had no luck with men. Desperate, he decides to resort to a circulation of letters, because he wants to know if you should continue with your boyfriend or leave the relationship. Margarita feels depressed because all her friends have married and have children, but she does not. I have had no luck, he says if same. Now four months ago that it is with Juan Carlos, but do not know if it should continue or not. On the one hand, no one likes how things are going with him.

It is not a polite man, and belittles her constantly. All your friends say you did not deserve it. But she is afraid of staying single. Daisy goes to the circulation of letters in the hope that tell you that the relationship is going to continue, that he somehow is going to give account of the wonderful woman who has on his side and suddenly begin to treat it differently. But the circulation of letters speaks of another reality, the only possible reality, in this case. The first arcane that comes out of the circulation of letters is the tower.

Immediately the Tarot reader interprets him the relationship will break. This scares her a little, but it does nothing but confirm what she feels in her heart. The circulation of letters is carried out by one of the mentalists, Esther, who is one of the most experienced professionals. Esther immediately perceives the suffering in the heart of Margaret, but there can be nothing more than telling the truth. The circulation of letters continues with El Mundo. Esther tells Margaret that this arcane in the circulation of letters indicates excellent news. The card shows a beautiful woman surrounded by Bay leaves, symbol of his victory. The world is at his feet, and success in love who both longs to Margarita. There are received rewards. Margarita closed its taken from letters with heart overshadowed by cutting approaching. But, oddly, it was not so difficult to get used to being alone again, as had seemed to her. Gradually he realized not missed anything the mistreatment she received daily from Juan Carlos, and that Yes, actually, was best single. He also realized that many of the things that had gone out in the circulation of letters is had materialized, less the omen that came hand in hand with the world. Some months passed, until Martin appeared in his life. Margaret did not want to take risks, and returned to resort to a circulation of letters. This time, also confirmed it what she already knew: the definitive love had come to life.

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