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A first passage in the treatment of the addiction to the alcohol is the evaluation of the problem, which must be multidimensional: interview of the patient and his close friends on you rule of drink habitual of the subject, clinical, marking indicators biological, specific and autoregistros questionnaires. A second passage in the treatment of the […]

At the time of contracting the policy, it is necessary that you know what offers the insurer of your car and what type of protection offers at the time of having an accident, since this can help to remove a better benefit you from your investment. In words of Hctor Rode, vice-president Ejecutivo de Producto […]

For example if we reunited in a single normative body (that could denominate Code of the Company or Enterprise Code) the main enterprise norms without modifying its content would be a consolidation process. Nevertheless, we must need that in all the assumptions the consolidation has been almost surpassed by the codification. 13. DECODING When institutions […]

The market of installation of alarms is saturated! Any more False that this! Often in social and inclusively professional meetings, I have listened to comment that the market of the facilities of alarms IS SATURATED! That there are many companies and that greatest is monopolizing all the market. And they also think that it would […]

The new person in charge for the development of business of B-kin in America, Rubn Vergara, obtains with this agreement of distribution of B-kin CRM in Brazil, to extend the presence of the tool for the professional management of clients (CRM) while she continues increasing the set of services that B-kin offers through vestibules like […]