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It can occur of the Spirit to abandon the body? How many cases of this happen when the person for the fear of pain if moves away from the body and has of being called it to return it and to continue its material existence that not yet was findou in the substance. Science already […]

When we deal with religious market, we have in mind an object series and indumentrias that are part of day-by-day of the modern population, are they sympathetical fidiciary offices or of the religious institutions, being this a observvel fact in the different traditions and in the most varied half social and regions of the countries. […]

This paper tries to delve into the significance of the gold club, part of the gypsy tarot minor arcana. The gold almost always relate to achievements in the material plane. Within the gypsy tarot minor arcana, the golds are especially relevant in all matters relating to the foundation of projects, and the emergence of new […]