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Unlike the 1998 crisis, this crisis has shaken the faith of citizens in the stability of real estate as a means of profitable investment. What really happened? Everything bubbles over the last time were quite predictable. Even very young children do not believe, unlike adult fairy tale about a cat Basilio wonderland. However, millions of […]

The Real Estate Market Indexes stood at 97.48 points in the month of August in Spain. Of the 17 regions, three regions have been placed above the first reference: The lowest of the month corresponding to the autonomous communities differences that have been collected in early 2009 against 13.59, 9.03, 7.90, 6 , 69 and […]

As a result, the construction is delayed, what is called the "century", held year, the person "is produced, the resources of material and physiological end, and the skeleton of a future home, people are already starting to look with hatred, cursing the reality and hardship that has forced him" to climb "in this construction. How […]

Most of the indigenous inhabitants of densely populated settlements are sometimes thought about how nice to own a holiday home. Often these thoughts come to those who are the master of housing in the heart and can not afford allow time to time to go to the bosom of nature. Meanwhile, health becomes more popular, […]

In St. Petersburg in recent years, much attention is paid to increase the pace of housing construction, which is mainly carried out commercial and equity method. That is why, in order to build an apartment to invest does a lot of money, and since housing prices are constantly rising, as they say, have to "tighten […]