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In previous articles devoted to the electricity the country house, we will only lightly touch the switch equipment. It's time to talk about this in more detail. Suppose all the problems associated with separation of power resolved, and the power cable to the building summed. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Euro Pacific […]

CA-320 unit (cementing unit) is designed to inject fluids for cementing wells during drilling and workover, as well as during other washing and squeezing jobs in the oil and gas wells. Also, the CA-320 is used in hydraulic fracturing interstratal, hydro-blasting perforation, with crimp wells and washing the sand plugs. Installing the cementing assembly is […]

Brief description of kabelySilovoy cable nym – a modern type of cable produced according to German standard din vde 0250 and intended for transmission and distribution of electric power in stationary installations for variable voltage up to 0,66 kV 50 Hz. Cable used in electrical installations of buildings and facilities for the safe use of […]

The plot details, which must be heated is placed in a coil – inductor. In inductor miss the high frequency currents. Thus there is a heating necessary plot details. In order to detail has not been oxidation, it is placed in a vacuum, or use fluxes. Inductor has a loop shape (spiral) inductor is made […]