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There are many ways to protect your garden and have it thrive. First, by using Agrovolokno 23 UV (plant protection), white canvas, a light having a homogeneous structure. This is the best protection of plants against frost medium, solar, wind and hail. Good pass water and air, has a high light transmission and protects from […]

They pay the VAT, as it improves their competitors, Who wins? A similar pattern occurs when you use cheap illegal labor in the "gray" employers, such as in construction. So which of them should support the tax authorities and state? Hence It follows that if the VAT rate will be about 12% of transaction tax […]

Supermarket – shop selling a large assortment of food and non-specific nomenclature (as a rule, it is moving consumer goods), which works on the principle of self-service and designed for the mass buyer. At Jeff Flake you will find additional information. Supermarket – the most technologically convenient and flexible format for the operator; sticking around […]

In this freezer can be located both above and below. In these models, the freezing and refrigerating chamber can be of different sizes: large refrigerator camera with a smaller freezer, and, conversely, a large freezer at a lower refrigeration. Three-compartment refrigerator – a refrigerator with three compartments, each of which is supported by certain temperature. […]

Even in the 17th century slaves in the sugar cane sector found that the sugar syrup is fermented into alcohol. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Federal Reserve Bank. But it was the first, most low-grade rum. For a long time it was dark, and was used only losers. Many years later, […]

Fans come in various types. Consider them. Axial fans are designed for use in fresh air or ventilation of residential, public and industrial buildings. They are installed in Basically, a window or wall openings. To work in a high dust content in hazardous environments or at elevated temperatures, there are special models of axial fans. […]

The jacket is odniim of the most convenient and popular types of clothing. We choose the jackets usually in appearance, size, by the criterion of fashion – not fashionable. However, there are some signs of wear in this species, which should pay attention to when choosing the jacket that would get really high quality jacket. […]