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The pro-nuclear lobby has prevailed with secret agreements and an extension of the maturities of the nuclear reactor. Gorleben is further explored and considered a repository, although opinion, however, speak. The reforms in the health system which shall be borne by Poor and middle-class and the wealthy be spared. These six examples were made in […]

Doctor day in Dresden demands for electronic health card ERKRATH – the prompt of the 113th German physician day to the Federal Government, finally abandoning the project of the electronic health card (e-card), Martin Grauduszus, President of the free medical profession (Fa), is an important and encouraging stage victory on the way to promoting lasting, […]

Exactly this humanistic Fort step the Palestinian Muslims refused so far, and instead ask Allah for help even though there are many Arab Muslim States (such as Arab League) that could help if they wanted to! We remember: our brain takes in contrasts (5 + 3 – sense cognition, categories are catalogued) was to think […]

Leipzig Publishing House published a book about the relevance of Mao for the Western marketing. Iron man is, of course, not ed. What he has done with his Mao Bible, is not necessarily something that you published under his own name. Thus, there is a lot of enemies. On both sides of the demarcation line. […]

Once again the seniors out of the House draw the interest of the public care at Mount stock in Sulz a.N.. Inspired by the success of last year’s advent market residents and staff agreed, that something better is doing this year. In many discussions, proposals was discussed and finally presented to the home line. It […]