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It is increasingly difficult to absorb new information, maintain and reproduce, the diagnosis is dementia often medical and preventive measures for dementia at the age. Medicines provide relief though, can in the long term but not the memories return, the affected once had: when first signs occur, innumerable nerve cells have died off. Objects move, […]

The cross with the cross: In the fight against backache, widespread disease number one of the Germans, a therapy centre in the East Bavarian Regensburg celebrates sensational successes of Regensburg (obx) – more than 80 percent of all Germans have occasionally or always a problem with the cross. The back pain keep every fifth longer […]

Abdominal pain are among the most common ailments of childhood. The usually bloating or otherwise on the three-month colic causes in infants. The three-month colic are not caused by error in dealing with the baby. You are not a disease but a condition. Infant colic often occur after meals, and characterized by, that the baby […]