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From it are made known to the ancient sculptures Masters, plates for decoration of temples, columns and carved cornices. Russia has a number of fields, which are regularly being produced marble. Among them Koelga, Pershino, Kibik-Cordon. Deposit in the Irkutsk region, in southern Yakutia and Kola Peninsula has not yet been fully exploited. Click Peter […]

As you know, in September last year around the world came the global economic crisis, causing damage to players of the market recyclables – stainless scrap. Demand for ferrous scrap greatly decreased, causing a decline in prices. In countries cis effects of recession have been even more dramatic than in other countries. Last autumn, the […]

Basically, they are made from alloys of aluminum, brass, steel and pvc. The most common universal profiles can distinguish the following types: angular, Allen and two-way corner. Over the last 4-7 years in this segment of the market of finishing materials and accessories for the laminate was a large increase in the range. The most […]

In the harsh Russian climate good, reliable insulation of the building is the most important factor ensuring a comfortable stay in an apartment building, production building, or in any other room. Today, at Russian market has no shortage of such materials. While domestic production is often in no way inferior to foreign analogues. One such […]