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If multiple affiliates more as 25 existing clients provide WINS services with the most Xovi. Regardless of, even an iPhone 3 GS 32 GB is giving away. The same applies to the partner who could provide the most existing customers, if nobody reached 25 customers. Participation rules 1 login is the registration at the Xovi […]

Learn all about training and nutrition with one click. (Bonn) Sports experts make their knowledge in different subject areas on the portal available. From the Orgenda sports Fachverlag a division of the VNR Verlag for the Deutsche Wirtschaft AG with headquarters in Bonn – launched Web site is aimed at all interested and ambitious […]

Internet users consider the spread of malware as particularly detrimental for the personal reputation on the net. Frankfurt, Tettnang, February 8, 2011: on 8th February the safer Internet Day 2011 instead of a day of action on the initiative of the European Commission and of the European network of Insafe finds, to move the issue […] presents itself with a completely revised website. In addition to a new look with a future-oriented layout that focuses on Pinterest, the homepage offers an open user interface and improved accessibility for mobile devices. Through the complete redesign of the user interface, rapid access to the relevant information is greatly simplified. All content can […]

Products success with Web videos sell video marketing, Web video marketing also known as, is a special form of online marketing, to present using Web videos in the Internet PR, marketing and sales messages on their own or foreign websites. Video marketing uses the Internet as a distribution channel. This means that a Web video […]

There is no market evolving so intense and promising has, like the platform Internet and its possibilities as Michael Kapp by The slope of the people, from the computer to explore, to compare them and then buy goods and services suggests that this market will grow even more. Seen psychologically trust your future customers […]

The user can create a personal photo collage from over 130 different templates of different themes with his own photos there. Also a patent-pending process offers myprinting, which allows to transfer single or multiple images between the partner website and the online shop. Then the images directly photo product can be ordered. Furthermore, the myprinting […]

Specialists for selected industries are who on the Internet found today has sufficient industry expertise in a specific niche, can already start with a small budget and the appropriate software solution very successfully as a provider of job board. Certainly, the cross-industry and cross-regional positions in the digital job placement are already occupied, but who […]

The Internet portal of the hobby factory provides support on the Assembly line, but not by assembly-line artists and amateur artists! The author help of the hobby factory is committed to the target to accompany authors and authors in the planning and implementation of their writing projects and support. In this context the author offers […]

NewElements constellation into platform for targeted customers the company Web site now but if this goal is reached and is the visitor to the site? Most companies do not use this precious moment unfortunately, but they let their visitors on the homepage alone and left to their fate. Here is the solution of the new […]