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Among so many different ways of making money online, paid surveys are widely used. There are hundreds of companies (thousands if you include other languages) that are dedicated to getting the views of many people about many things. From how to improve an expert system software to the taste of candy, the opinion of users […]

The two key aspects to be defined by this working group are: Definition of the target to which the web address defining the objectives to be fulfilled by the website for each target audience target audiences Definition The definition of the target audiences website and see clearly how important it is to have representatives of […]

In the adventure of web design are all looking to create landmarks that are identified and defined personality and project a professional, how to achieve it, is the big question we all ask. Although there is no absolute recipe distinction we believe in any type of site, if we can implement a number of considerations […]

Although usually web designers and especially the graphics we are as elitist, selfish and all-knowing, we also have our “sweetheart” and like everyone else, we are also susceptible to major professional disappointments. Since we do enough damage to our heart with the sedentary lifestyle that leads us hours and hours we have to spend sitting […]