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Near the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, is the military base of Vaziani, which housed Soviet military units, legacy of the years when Georgia was a constituent Republic of the Soviet Union until the middle of the year 2001. It was returned to the Georgian Government, which it installed some military units. Exercises combined with the armed […]

For its part, Tbilisi denounced in turn other military activities to Russia It is being conducted with both pro-independence republics. The Georgian Government alleges that what Moscow pursues this is your country appears in the eyes of the world as an aggressive State, with which it is not advisable to have dealings. One Georgian analyst […]

The perception of things has been determined , according to Anaxagoras, by the sense of the differences between our senses and external objects. Things are perceived by their opponents, if there is an inability to grasp reality in its small part, this is due solely to the inadequacy of the sensory organs on the other […]

If you think the Internet is still in its infancy, then you must be aware that childhood is almost finished. Internet acquires maturity faster. Everyone who wants to make money on the Internet should be treated the matter as a mature entity. You have to be serious about using the Internet as a vehicle for […]