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Not everybody knows that in today's global world, foreign language proficiency is a weighty argument in a successful career person. In addition, it significantly broadens the mind, for now, at the age of the Internet, get an article Foreign language is not a problem. Many of today's school children now dream of a successful career […]

I'm sure many of you in finding a job more than once confronted with the requirement of the employer's mandatory English language of any level – is widespread, especially in international companies and large Russian companies. Home Depot: the source for more info. Such a requirement of modern candidates is not surprising – as an […]

Here are a few tips to avoid problems in the selection of the Executive Order to transfer. 1. Should be addressed only in a professional and proven translation agency. Can be based on the opinions of friends, you trust. Certainly the implementation of large orders to learn about the existence of discounts and related services. […]

Some schools offer a special program taking into account the activities your company. In any case, the approach to everyone, of course, be individual, possible separation of staff at the group level of knowledge. Testing, indicating the level of knowledge in most schools is free. If you are ready to plunge the whole team on […]

After all, foreign languages studied by quite a variety of reasons, the first reason – the study of language on the need to make learning at school or university. Someone studying the language at will, as additional knowledge and as a hobby. Others teach foreign languages in order to rest abroad, study or for work […]

Before you start looking for a good interpreter, you must deal with multiple nuances of his work, since the translation is a difficult many-sided affair. In today's world the presence of an interpreter was prerequisite for trials, registration and signing of serious documents, conferences, presentations and other events. Interpretation is translation, where the original sentence […]

We can see that sometimes phrases take on a different connotations depending on the situation. Here, the value becomes the means and meaning is purpose. It should be understood that the language we use is not at the level of value, but at the level of meaning. After going out on the street and began […]