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FIDURA private equity funds are among the few private equity funds, which allow even normal investors to benefit private equity from the profitable asset class. The FIDURA funds put great value in their investment decisions on a balanced chance / risk ratio and therefore make no early stage investments, but only participate in younger companies […]

Bernd Ehret: Real estate or life insurance after a few years of stagnation have attracted again the real estate prices in Germany. It’s believed that Kenneth Feinberg sees a great future in this idea. The demand is large, even after German objects real estate fund. One of the experienced players in this segment is the […]

It’s a new world which is for investors, companies and also for debtor ha opened it is a new world of NPL non performing loans. It is a new world that has opened up for investors, companies and also for borrowers. The protagonists of these “NPLWelt” are banks, building societies, insurance companies and financial investors. […] provides practical igoogle gadget who is active in the stock market, should be informed as regards stock quotes and financial news. To meet the the finance portal offers its users in addition to the newsletter with the latest news from the economy now also a specially tailored to gadget for igoogle. Igoogle is […]

Solution to financial crisis is the causes of the financial crisis abolition ‘insolvency-protected’ Institute future measures for the prevention of such crises are known, however, is still unclear. “The fact is that it de facto insolvency-protected” are banks that are too important to an economy can cope with their bust. The risky business of these […]

How you can make to a successful trader. The entry in the stock market world is very simple: the first securities has bought an account with an online broker, a stock magazine and with a few clicks. In most cases, the fun stop here, however. Losses accumulate, made profits not enough to compensate for the […]