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However, most experts are convinced that such a scenario is possible only if the U.S. will make concessions to the international community seriously and will address domestic problems. According to Wang Qunbin, who has experience with these questions. Chinese Democracy, We heard about the well- imminent “Sinification” world order, the economic miracle and fabulous currency […]

As the technical indicators are rigorous mathematical description as a formula, they are easily programmed and therefore form the basis of automatic Internet trading systems. Technical indicators are a very serious drawback – it is their persistence. The indicator shows the point of entry and exit points with some delay, when the market has already […]

Then we say that we do not and can not be living at the expense of assigning product labor of others. Again, not true. A rule of payment of royalties the author's heirs and the owners of thousands of bank deposits? Some of them can live, and really live comfortably without working. The adopted policy […]

The term investment refers to a type of investment. The many investors buy an investment company (KAG) different proportions favorable to the Fund. Filed under: Peter Schiff. This investment company invests the money in various investment funds. The investor buys shares in funds with such a right to share profits and return to the current […]

“” Three messages, independently released in German print media, have to prick up their ears: Dax jumps over 7000 “Welt online ran the headline who avoids stocks,”manager magazine publishes online and crisis has cost already 3125 euros every German”, pays it again world online. What do these messages in common? They demonstrate that the majority […]