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5. Advertisement filter for e-mail to advertising junk (spam) did not get to the mailbox owner's computer. Often, many of these tools, including firewalls, combined in packages of comprehensive protection of PC (eg, Norton Internet Security or Kaspersky Internet Security). (Not to be confused with Federal Reserve Bank!). More want to stay on the safety […]

B Description / b: Battlefield Bad Company 2 takes brilliant combat system the Battlefield series on PC and next-generation consoles – and represents the best in the history of the genre battle with the use of equipment in 8 enormous maps, each of which uses unique tactical scenario. Application of new technology, such as all-terrain […]

VMware is a recognized leader in IT technology in virtualization and developing software solutions for corporate clients. VMware virtualization allowed to abandon outdated models of resource use on a “one machine – one application “and move to a new level of processing, storage and optimization of data and resources used. The virtualization technology from VMware […]

Recalculation is carried out as follows: Sc = SH / KH * Kc, where Sc – the sum of the average salary used to calculate any charges for the month of A; SH – the amount of charges, taken into account in interpreting the average salary for the month in the calculation of B average […]

What is SharePoint? Platform Microsoft SharePoint – a suite of software products and technologies to be installed on Windows Server and provide users with a framework for collaboration through the Web interface or using a web browser and software MS Office. This makes it possible to quickly create and edit Web sites to work together […]

According to head the Russian branch, German Kuznetsov, the project will ensure the effective integration of the new unit for the first quarter of customer base increased by 30 offices percent. The company Saint-Gobain HPM Rus – trading arm of the famous French holding company Saint-Gobain, which opened recently in Russia. The company Saint-Gobain was […]