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A theatre magazine, a term should be above all culturally interested people. Such a theatre magazine focuses in particular on the medium theatre. Other cultural events are illuminated in theatre magazines. These include the dance, performance and the opera world. What are the origins of today’s Theatre magazines? Already in the year 1750, the first […]

From A like superstition to Z like time, the practical guide to everyday Russian. Why are restaurants in Russian cities so little deserves full, although the population? What technical sophistication required for Russian opener? What shoes are suitable for the Russian winter? Why is it important in Russia to have no holes in the socks? […]

A book to the dream away and think… The first book “Star rain of dreams” by Susanne Koch is now for three months on the market and is increasingly finding its way. A journey through the fantasy begins. From the first story, the reader, in a strange, but also familiar world is run. The world […]