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If the world suddenly lost all cars bmw, they will have to come up again. Thank God, in times of economic shocks that cause large automobile companies are tighter and tighter "tighten their belts, look for new ways to reduction increasing from year to year costs, combined with each other and use common platforms and […]

Nowadays, if we look at new cars, we note that the body of the headlamp is made of plastic. Previously used glass and it was not so vulnerable to external environmental influences. But plastic is a very sensitive to abrasion. Sand, dust, dirt, pebbles, rushing towards the car at speeds exceeding sometimes 300 kilometers per […]

This kind of "tandem" would avoid a number of errors and omissions, which are often found in materials for the fires. In the analysis received for fire-technical examination of the professional records of notes, often in the preparation of protocols, a domicile is a violation of the order of inspection, the most frequently encountered is […]

The main advantages use original spare parts: – the quality and compatibility of parts meets all requirements and is guaranteed by the manufacturer of the car – range of original spare parts provides the user almost 100 per cent need for the repair or maintenance vehicle parts – finding and purchasing spare parts for the […]

The most interesting and fascinating stories among motorists, as a rule, are stories associated with the evacuation of their car. Nowhere in there is no such action and drama almost from the continual attacks of sobbing. Usually, all stories of this kind is also abundantly flavored abuse and lies. Particularly often such stories can be […]