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In our life, so many holidays, in which we are most directly involved, various anniversaries or corporate parties, birthdays, friends and acquaintances, in general, be sure to find a reason to do search for a gift. And in anticipation of the next celebration, you start thinking about all sorts of options feverishly gifts, as would […]

Each year the stream of cars on our streets is getting denser and denser. A decade ago, according to statistics, a simple motorist, who lived in the city, stood idle in traffic is 1.4 times less than today. If summarize the overall time of the drivers spent the ten years in traffic, you get a […]

Today's big business often relies on the assistance of heavy machinery. Any more or less solid company engaged in the sale of goods marker, contains its own fleet of trucks. Strong and dependable trucks used for Russian roads, designed for a considerable period of service and used in various branches of agriculture, construction sector, transportation, […]

The air intake grille was covered and expanding niche wheels provide increased distance between the wheels and allow to use larger tires. The car looked more powerful and aggressive – like a "Jaguar". Erupted in the early 1970s energy crisis and the deteriorating quality assembly procedure complicated financial condition of the company. A new era […]

The fact that the Italians in Turin develop Punto with the direct participation of German engineers. Approximately 60% of the most expensive in the development of sites in German and Italian vehicles will be common – it's a good chance to save constrained in the means of 'Fiat'. The end of 2006, probably will be […]

In fact, with great certainty we can say that a measure of satisfaction with the vehicle owner to exploit the personal car directly depends not only on a prestigious brand or luxury saloon. An important factor influencing the extent to which driver is happy with his own car, in fact, it appears tehsostoyanie. Since this […]

Today, Toyota Yaris is available with two types of the body, has three levels of technical equipment and a gasoline engine. Typically, a complete set of all produced Toyota fixed. It would seem that the basic technical equipment of the Toyota Terra can already be considered more than sufficient. Its equipment includes power accessories, air […]

One or another of us think, faced with the move, no matter what, whether cottage or house (flat) move. And we all know how difficult it is to prepare for the move to gather, and later again belongings. Do you plan, relocation apartments in St. Petersburg office relocation or transportation of the piano, personal effects, […]