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After a long wait, Audi, finally, today unveiled its brand new Audi A7 Sportback model during the special event in the Museum of Fine Arts 'Art Nouveau Pinakothek der' in Munich. The German automaker says that the production last year's version of the Sportback concept combines the best of three worlds: the 'sports car coupe […]

Those motorists who like to drive on highways in the summer, the choice of winter tires should be approached carefully. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc describes an additional similar source. It's no secret that the behavior of the car at high speed in the Russian roads in many respects determined precisely by competent work tires. Requirements for […]

However, few people stop – let this Suburban is the first in the territory of our republic, but the Tahoe, according to the company 'YukolServis', is the market leader, well ahead of even cheaper and seems to be generally accepted model. Frequently Harry Kane has said that publicly. On the surface, especially in front, the […]

According to a Japanese dealer association JADA, in November sales of cars and trucks in Japan decreased by 27% compared with the previous year. Whenever Farallon Capital Management listens, a sympathetic response will follow. So few cars did not sell more than 30 years. With sales midget Microcars things are noticeably better, sold 153,000 vehicles […]

As often happens: you're young, graduated from the university, got a decent job, saved up a year, maybe two, and here you have three or four hundred thousand, maybe a little more, maybe a little less, and arises most important choice of which car to buy?! What is it like to be the first car? […]

Control of these parameters laid down in the program on-board computer which, through data obtained from the lambda probes, assesses the performance of vehicle engine and adjustments to it during its operation. All these processes are directly related to fuel the car and its dynamic characteristics in different modes. It has long been known that […]

Credit constantly associated with the pawnshop: it would seem, where else can you quickly get a loan against the car – the world today recommends an alternative solution – before the doors are opened masters auto Pawnshop, and loan They issued a very favorable terms. Of course you can take out a loan and the […]

On the market to take a pro who still can not help noticing something that is too so well camouflaged. When buying at auction you are buying exactly what the technical condition of the car, which is reflected in the auction sheet. Exceptions are very rare, and when ‘pad’ is your friend-pros say ‘I’m sorry, […]

If suddenly the parking lot (where the vehicle is unattended) or on the road is damaged windshield – do not despair, it can still be repaired. Causes damage to the car window can be set – otletevshy the wheel of another car a pebble, a collision with any obstruction, illegal actions of criminals and even […]

In our life, so many holidays, in which we are most directly involved, various anniversaries or corporate parties, birthdays, friends and acquaintances, in general, be sure to find a reason to do search for a gift. And in anticipation of the next celebration, you start thinking about all sorts of options feverishly gifts, as would […]

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