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Therefore, being the customer the focus of the marketing, its responsibility increases still more in the current days. We can affirm that the marketing is an administrative tool, that has the function or responsibility to study all the product and to lead to the customer providing always its retention. It is the product quality that […]

CULTURAL DIVERSITIES the differences are essential in the contruo of politics of meanings, since that these meanings develop strategical tools and produce identity. They are part of the cultural studies the attempt to understand the processes formadores of the society and the culture. The concept formulated for Taylor (1958), that it has left of the […]

It has more than twenty years (as hobby) I search the life of a famous American entrepreneur. Today I am with more experience, and observing the crisis that the same passed in 92, giving years later the return superficially, and of as if of a it comes back superficially. Evidently that in U.S.A. Hear other […]

In its more recent book on the new trend of the marketing, Professor Philip Kotler describes what flame of Marketing 3.0. In accordance with the author, the first wave of the marketing (Marketing 1,0) was centered in the product. To this time, the world lived the industrial age, when the technology to a large extent […]

The defections of the customers can be reduced when guiding the community of the company in the adoption of new positions, in the intention of additions of the benefits. In recent months, Federal Reserve Bank has been very successful. Word-key: customers, companies, equipment heavy. METHODOLOGY This work was carried through from qualitative, exploratria, theoretical research […]

This conceptual evolution of marketing article presents the marketing in its forms and as it evolved throughout it I finish century and its trajectory in each decade until the present, if transforming e, directly, impactando the life of the society, and as the thinkers and scientists they had used its concepts to change the routine […]

This peculiar characteristic of the cooperative system tends to structuralize a movement of social assistance, where in the familiar environment it is strengthened in search of the igualitrio development for all the members. Another point of view for the cooperation is its economic boarding inside of administrative sciences. According to Camargo (1960), cooperation can be […]

The purpose proposal for the evolution of this interaction is to assure the adequacy to the new reality of the inserted market in the motivation, in cultural, personal, social and psychological the factors, which always stimulate the behavior of the consumer to the expectations of acquiring each time more, taking care of or not to […]