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A book to the dream away and think… The first book “Star rain of dreams” by Susanne Koch is now for three months on the market and is increasingly finding its way. A journey through the fantasy begins. From the first story, the reader, in a strange, but also familiar world is run. The world of dreams just. – After all, who has not ever dreamed of a fairy, that meets a desire him in the dream, a great love, or even by a Prince in a castle? It is the first book by Susanne Koch. If it is written sometimes something bumpy, so it shows the positive development, a young writer who knows what she wants yet.

Susanne Koch wants to write, do nothing but write. With every story, her style is safe, as well as the writing is commonly used. -That their genre is fantasy, the 43-year-old white long, that it is also flexible, only, since her first book was published. -In addition to the genre is fantasy, devoted Susanne Koch, now also the genres: mystery, mystery, romance,. or even historical. She doesn’t quite set himself. Because writing is very versatile, so versatile as life itself. And writing should be exciting, not only for the reader, but also for the author. Star rain of dreams is a book, not directly on young people, but rather for young-at-heart adults, just, is the dreaming away often stressful everyday life, from her, want to., because serious topics, are fantastic packed, by the author.

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