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(e) requests should be accompanied, by a friendly sports project for each action, which sets out planning and objectives: location; moral and civic education, human and technical resources and a summary of economic content, by completing the printed model contained in the present resolution as annex 1. (One per performance). f) to comply with provisions in article order of Bases thirteenth aid regulators charged to the budget of the CSD, should be quantified in project financing percentages obtained or requested from other entities, with destination to the same activity, or any other income or resources received, stating also end of support amount the provenance, to establish its compatibility to determine. 3.2 Evaluation of the projects: the admissibility of an application for aid, will not generate any concession from that commitment. To determine the grant and the amount of subsidies, be considered the assessment criteria that are later reflected, in accordance with the scale, together with the sports interest of the project and the compliance by the beneficiary of the objectives in previous editions: to) activities carried out with (up to 3 points): Ibero-American Area. The Mediterranean area.

European area. Any other country, whose activities are matched with the sporting interests of the Superior Council of sports and to sign agreements, programs and/or calendars of bilateral cooperation. b) if the requested activity is matching mutual interest, both to the interests of the federations Spanish, as to the of a requesting country (up to 3 points). c) if in the same activity arouses the representative participation of several countries (up 1 point). (d) projects/activities that conform to the sports policy of the Higher Council for sports, with special interest in exchanges of athletes and technicians in Latin America, Mediterranean and Europe (up 1 point). (e)) the projects/activities that foster the exchange of experiences in the following structural areas (up 2 points) priority: institutional cooperation.

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