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Products success with Web videos sell video marketing, Web video marketing also known as, is a special form of online marketing, to present using Web videos in the Internet PR, marketing and sales messages on their own or foreign websites. Video marketing uses the Internet as a distribution channel. This means that a Web video is uploaded with as many video platforms. One additional to incentives that, to increase the number of visitors, as well as the length of stay of visitors to the advertised website. On the other hand video marketing is used specifically for the branding for the press work, establishing new companies, brands and products, is represented to increase product sales, for example, in the product benefits in the Web video, to strengthen customer loyalty, as with video guides and tutorials to advertise on Internet sites for its own offering. The Web videos created to be cast for playing in an Internet-compatible video format. As a standard which has the Flash Established format. With video marketing is a discipline has based, which achieved very high range almost without losses at favourable conditions.

Important aspect of this is the success analysis – monitoring of Web videos. In addition to the usual indicators such as number of views, Google analytics metrics, Alexa evaluations (countries, keywords, referring sites, etc.) and length of stay, i.e. how long will the video posts considered, should be evaluated more meaningful information about the evaluation of Web videos. For this purpose, the play Web Player (Flash Player) can provide the necessary data. In particular in the use of interactive functions such as inserting text information services, votings, internal links to other articles or external links to social media networks is a monitoring makes sense, the user behavior and the effect of the triggered events to evaluate and optimize.

Web Player provide this data the website operator about all events and therefore offer the possibility of changes most Video post itself (if the time spent on the clip is too low), or to make changes to the accompanying interactive features. Flash video player used in video marketing preferably also by some agencies of seeding to the video distribution with subsequent performance measurement (tracking). Video marketing a variant form of video marketing requires a role reversal between the advertising channels and advertising receiver with the involvement of the target group. It is common that the company sent its marketing message, with the traditional video marketing is so in this form of video marketing the users themselves, as part of the target group, producer and Director of video spots. The company provides only the brand essence in the form of its product, or its services in the focus of consideration through incentives such as example sweepstakes. The user and consumer hereby deals and created himself a Web video spot. The video message of this spot usually has the product or service, as well as the appropriate handling or their advantages to the core. The advertised company reached through the Use this marketing option for its advertised products and services corresponds to a significantly higher acceptance among its target group, because the video message was created virtually by the target group itself and thus a credible recommendation. Finally can so be stated, which is very important in this day and age Videomarkting for Web videos, to win such as potential new customers. The product can be positioned perfectly through video marketing on the Web or TV. It remains to be seen where this will evolve everything in future.

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