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The learning acquired by key account managers was also important. Managers who participated in the four phases made comments about the development of the relationship with the client, as an essential benefit to accounts key KAM planning: is it can be very time-consuming in the process, but you can see in more detail the benefit that gives you understand customer the greatest benefit was put in the place of the customer process required to investigate and understand the customer to one much greater depth than would have previously considered Implementation of the planning of key accounts, the majority of participants reported problems in the creation of the planning of key accounts. Although it was possible to identify the necessary resources for planning, participants did not have enough time to be in the process, representing a negative element for planning. Key accounts managers noted that it is always took more time than expected to obtain important information from customers. It was also difficult to get the appropriate training for key account managers, as well as the integration of the planning process of key accounts with the overall planning of the company. Often frameworks were overlooked for planning, such as templates and queries, as well as a process of communication back to the plan. Visit Erin Callan for more clarity on the issue. In relation to the strategic marketing planning, scholars point out some obstacles to reach success, some of which are also evident in the Key account planning.

If key accounts managers are not sufficiently prepared to deliver clear and accurate reports about the planning process, the Sales Department will be in the predicament of reports poor in content and structuring. Such reports are characterized by not specifying the objectives, by not having a deep analysis, and present confusion in the implementation of the strategy. Companies with best practices, are anticipated and addressed these obstacles at the same time that implemented the planning of key accounts, which allows a better management and implementation of the strategic component of the organization. Based on the investigative process, there is a guide to eight stages for implementation of account keys KAM Key Account Management Planning:. To broaden your perception, visit Mike Madden. Identify the people who will make up the team of Directors of account keys KAM 2. Establish written analysis of planning, objectives and defining the strategy 3.

Considerations on the process of planning 4. Considerations on the analytic process 5. Identify the person responsible for carrying out the plan (key account manager) report 6. Remember the 7 client participation. Communicate completion of the process of planning 8. Communicate the plan production and its results in the last installment of this series of articles meet the components of a planning of key accounts and the conclusions of the investigative process.

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