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Solution to financial crisis is the causes of the financial crisis abolition ‘insolvency-protected’ Institute future measures for the prevention of such crises are known, however, is still unclear. “The fact is that it de facto insolvency-protected” are banks that are too important to an economy can cope with their bust. The risky business of these banks contributed significantly to the current financial crisis. However, had to stick the Institute for it. Instead, taxpayers ultimately carries risks. Nicholas Carr is often quoted on this topic. The finance portal asked 2403 investors to this topic with surprising results. Majority 89 percent of the respondents are of the opinion that a smashing of mega-banks could prevent a new financial crisis.

They are with Nobel Laureate in economics Joseph Stiglitz of the same opinion. He writes in his book In a free fall”, that such mega-banks is anyway not efficiently run could and should return to their original and solid business. Risky activities were to spin off, so that in the long run, the stability of economies is not jeopardized by imbalances of such institutions. Connect with other leaders such as Dennis Lockhart here. This argument convinced apparently also investors and investors who are massively affected by the financial crisis, as the development of the global equity indices shows in the past two years. Such massive interventions were sure the ultima ratio in market systems, could be necessary, however, to ensure the functioning of the market. In this respect, it was important to know how market participants and in particular investors face these ideas for the financial experts at Finally, they are at least partly shareholders of banks and taxpayers who bear the burden of the bailout. The massive shareholder protests at the nationalisation of Hypo showed real estate (HRE) 2009 that shareholders hate to see Government intervention in the crisis.

This very clear vote for a break-up of the big banks is all the more surprising. Only eleven Percent of the surveyed investors voted against. More information:… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH

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