Stock Exchange Investment

To invest would be the thing most easy of the world if the people did not have feelings and if they held only exclusively as soulless robots. However, in the real life the dumb thing, and a necessary investor to win some enemies personal to have success in its applications in the stock market. The enemies to be loosers are: 1 – Hope If its investment is going of badly worse and no reason does not exist to believe that something will go to improve in the future, is necessary to accept the losses and to leave the investment before they are bigger. Before it is late excessively. The investor who prays things to change them, normally prayer until losing everything. He is intelligent to ignore the hope and to only make what he will be logical and rational. Mike Madden pursues this goal as well. You do not need to be a robot to invest in the stock market, you only have conscience of that when the subject is money, the hope you make badly.

2 – Greed Many keeps an investment while it relieves much money but, after arriving the hour to leave, they is if holding for finding that the things will go to move. As they believed that its profits would go to increase still more, had finished ignoring the clear points that said: ' ' Oi, friend! This investment already does not serve more, is hour of sair.' ' That is, the greed leads to the hope that leads to the financial losses. 3 – Haste Ace times does not exist chances in the markets to invest in action. In this case you must only wait that a chance appears. when this to happen, you invest there. But if you will be entediado and to decide to buy some action alone to see in what she goes to give, you are probable that its lack of patience when waiting for a good chance of investment if translates one immediate financial loss.

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