State Versus Market

Throughout history if they have searched and studied sufficiently the origin and the development of the State and the market, as well as had been established its relations. The necessity of the State as half of social, legal organization and politics that could be directed by a government made with that the State evolved at the same time that exerted authority. This elapsed of fact of State to have function to keep order internal and defense external, that more if translated a legitimate monopolstica organization that uses the force through the public security (use of the police force and military public), therefore does not have as to disentail Been of Government, and this of Being able that it possesss the coercitive ways Been it, this vision is partilhada by ANAU (1) and RABBIT (2). The authors agree that Brazil, looked for to follow the international standard in moving the forms of State, but did not obtain. An example, would be the First Republic, where an Oligarchical State predominated. RABBIT admits some similarities of the liberal State that occurred in world, but does not consider that in Brazil it had a typical liberal State. Also it detaches that although to exist contemporaneidade between the Been o liberal and neoliberal, that they had occurred at the beginning and in the end of century XX, each one had proper characteristics, it also adds that the desenvolvimentista State and of Well-be-social had occurred in different regions, first in countries of the capitalist periphery and as in countries the central offices. While, ANAU, if relates to the neoliberal State and its trajectory during century XX in Brazil, of ironic and critical form as ' ' a State that if it modernized without extinguishing its oligarchical characteristics, patrimonialistas and corporativistas, in a Country that were incapable to democratize the access to the real property, to develop a consumption market integrating the majority of its population and that it only cheated very delayed to universalizar basic education to the cost of a brutal fall in the quality of the public school, presenting a set of challenges that already would be most serious without manifestation of the regressive trends radiated by the hegemonic centers of capitalismo' ' , demonstrating its opinion clearly. .

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