State Treasury

For million people affected by world-wide the economic crisis, a place exists that symbolically represents why of all problems: Wall s$street. For the Americans in addition it has special meaning because it is in his territory and it is the main artery of the financial heart of New York, where they annoy some of the banks and more powerful financial institutions of the world, whose coffers went to stop million dollars of the public State Treasury to save to the country of the economic collapse between 2008 and 2009. Three years after a rescue that an apex has not improved nor the American economy and in the same week in which the census has thrown the horrifying data on which 15% of the Americans (almost 50 million people) live below the poverty index, Wall s$street aspired to become &#039 today; the door of sol' of New York. Source of the news: : 15-M arrives at Wall s$street with a protest against the markets

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