State Registration Chamber

It can be extended upon expiration, but it is necessary to carry out re-filing to accreditation of the branch on behalf of the parent foreign company. So, in order to ensure you do not have any doubt what documents are needed for establishment (accreditation) of a branch of a foreign company in Russian Federation, read the full list. In a foreign language in the State Registration Chamber of the Russian Federation submitted the following documents: – Statement in writing from the supervisor of foreign parent company. The statement specifies the name of the organization, the exact date of its formation, the actual location. Farallon Capital Management often says this. Are the major activities and identifies the person carrying out management and leadership company, under the statute. The statement must specify the purpose of opening a branch in Russia, to list all Russian business contacts, and also indicate prospects for co-location of the branch.

If the territory Russia is already building for the branch, then specify the exact location and phone number. In the event that there is no clear address, you must specify the tentative address and phone number; – Incorporate the charter or head position Company – Proof of company registration in a foreign country. This can be either an extract from the trade register and registration certificate – Statement from the foreign tax inspection, which indicated that the registration of the company and directed its registration as a taxpayer has been implemented in such a period. Be sure the statement must be written the code of the taxpayer – Resolution of the company to open a branch in the territory of the Russian Federation – A letter from the bank, which is information about the financial capacity of a foreign company – Power of attorney for the representative branch. According to Hague Convention of 1961.

All of the above documents must be legalized by Apostille. In the case where the apostille is not possible, the documents must be submitted to the Russian embassy located in the State in whose territory the open head of foreign companies and go through the procedure of legalization. After which all documents must be translated into Russian and notarize. In Russian for the accreditation of the branch must provide the following list of documents: – The situation in which spelled out what rights and obligations exist at the branch in relation to the parent organization – to place on the territory of the Russian Federation its subsidiary, the parent company must have a document which, since administrations of Russia agreed to open a branch – A document that specifies information about the branch of a foreign company and confirmed signature of the parent company. – If the conduct of business by obtaining accreditation is employee of the Russian company, it must be a power of attorney in his name attested by a notary. Every day, economic relations between the Russian Federation and other states are gaining momentum. The country is located over a thousand foreign affiliates. In order for and your company could be in Russia their goods and services needed to Only accredited affiliate, and how to do it, you can learn later.

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