Standard Fuel

Control of these parameters laid down in the program on-board computer which, through data obtained from the lambda probes, assesses the performance of vehicle engine and adjustments to it during its operation. All these processes are directly related to fuel the car and its dynamic characteristics in different modes. It has long been known that for a uniform and economical operation of the engine car is essential that all systems were functioning properly and the car properly rebuilt, as well as necessary; quality fuel, timely replacement of air and fuel filters, and that's more important, the catalyst The vehicle is in working condition. Here is the standard diagram of the workflow. The use of technology, ionization – activation of oxygen in the air flow entering the combustion chamber allows high-quality improve the characteristics of the formed air – fuel mixture and the process of combustion in the combustion chamber (there is a complete and high quality fuel combustion).

Thus there is a significant reduction release of different carbon compounds (CO, CH, CO2). All this reduces the build-up processes, and further sticking of solid particles of carbon compounds in the engine itself, on the plugs and fuel injectors, and Also in the catalyst and lambda sensor, which greatly prolong their service life. A qualitative change in the exhaust gas on-board computer recorded the data obtained from the lambda probe, which in turn begins to rebuild the fuel cycle through the nozzle by a change in the direction of long-term cost of fuel adjustment, adjusts the ignition angle.

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