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Stamps by Trodat, Colop and ALPO once more seen in recent years, the stamps were always specialized and diverse. You can easily lose track and can’t find the perfect stamp for. That’s too bad, because stamps are very useful companion in the Office but also in the everyday life at home. The plastic self-inking this handy stamps are primarily for private use at home a very big help. Offered the Trodat Printy and the Colop printer can be that are robust but handy and are visually very appealing colored housing and beautiful design. Why hassle Adressschreiben, if you can take the stamp for it.

The metal self-inking very strong and durable, this makes the metal self-inking ideal for everyday office life. Classic line can be recommended without reservations the Trodat professional, or also the Colop. The full metal self-inking by ALPO is even more robust. This is suitable for particularly rough operations and guarantees a long service life. The ALPO is obtained as Date stamp or a text stamp. Date stamp hundred thousand times a day, write the date? Annoying! But with the date stamping of ALPO or Trodat has an end. Once set the settled almost by itself.

Is possible to combine it and the date with a text, for example, paid most… “.” There is also the pagination of Trodat as well as number band stamps. No fake possible important documents or certificates should be unique and not falschbar. For this purpose, often round stamp be used. Also, there are now devices from printer Colop and Trodat Printy. Even these can be ordered as a date stamp with or without text. Also very creative gifts can be a creative gift idea stamp. Follow others, such as Dan Miller, and add to your knowledge base. Original Trodat and Colop, like the Trodat mobile models are mobile Printy or the Colop Pocket stamp line. These are useful for travelling and not larger than a cigarette lighter. Is to have the possibility to make a stamp pen very useful and impressive. In addition are It also varied accessories such as stamp pads, ink or stamp plates and stamp stand, where the latter is not required for the stamps. Stamps are varied and useful companion in everyday life and the specialization of the stamps is a real achievement for the Office and the private life, she may be so confusing at first glance. Who now would like to have a stamp, or to this article would like to look at a few stamp has the option on to get an impression of the marked variety of stamps, or to order a stamp. If you ordered until 14: 00, the stamp leaves the House even on the same day.

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