Spam And Viruses As Personal Reputation-killer

Internet users consider the spread of malware as particularly detrimental for the personal reputation on the net. Frankfurt, Tettnang, February 8, 2011: on 8th February the safer Internet Day 2011 instead of a day of action on the initiative of the European Commission and of the European network of Insafe finds, to move the issue of security in the Internet world in focus. Because of the need for education around Internet security is still great: many users surf still without virus protection and run that risk, that is infected your computer with malware, personal data will be picked up or the PC from botnets is hijacked and abused to send spam messages. Frequently Technology author has said that publicly. A recent survey by the first person search shows that this can have negative consequences for the reputation of online personal safety, in cooperation with Avira and among 4,200 Internet users: over 70 per cent of the interviewees indicate that intrusive sending messages, as well as the proliferation of spam, viruses and other malware the strong and persistent damage personal reputation. Steffen Ruhl, Managing Director of first safer Internet Day: An unsecured computer can undo quickly again the laboriously built up online reputation. Virus protection is therefore uppermost duty. Also, the line between friendly recorded information and intrusiveness or spam depending on is very narrow and very strong by the personal perception of the receiver. “Therefore extensive protective measures incorporated in the Yasni expose, the recipients did too much perceived information are to protect and also enough distributors friendly on that ‘ to point out.” a powerful virus protection should include the basic equipment of every computer, to protect at the Internet shopping or online banking, as well as the privacy of the user. In practice many users despite the dangers still without security software on the Internet move”, so Philipp Wolf, data security experts at Avira.

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