Some Benefits of Globalization

By means of neo-liberalism is also no compulsion to allow fixing wages by the state and reducing public spending. This was implemented in Honduras in the form of structural adjustment by Decree 90/90 which involved introduction of the tax package, devaluation of national currency, all under pressure from bodies international lending (IMF, WB). 3A a The advantages and disadvantages of Globalization Benefits Cost Reduction economy is handled can join with other countries for export. The production factors can be obtained at low cost Implementation of a global production to include a greater level of sales. Visit Army Chief of Staff for more clarity on the issue. It raises the quality of the products due to global competition.

disadvantages in that firms can increase operating costs by providing information. The government mismanagement can undermine the internal market to market. The standardization of services and products can not agree to the tastes of customers. By implementing comprehensive strategies for selling these high costs such as electronic commerce. The change that has occurred Floating Through Globalization in the financial systems The key to the success of a country’s financial system from a renovation to induce a latent and prevailing global system. If you do not have a system a strong financial reglamentadoa and supervised by governments that the only result will be an undefined future direction and causing the economy to less than the prevailing in most countries, this is why that develops a global concern to develop a solvent to form credibility by ensuring all business and financial transactions. 4.a Changes in the structures of the institutions to understand the restructuring of financial systems can determine that there has been a trend due to globalization, and which were previously limited to a small segmental of their market, had very vision service cuts that were offered, it was a lot of individualization, but this has now changed and needs have increased, for example, there are no limits as it unfolds through the trans nationalization which markets expand maximum levels, leading to this to the standardization of operations by rules and international treaties that promote the one-sidedness in the processes, are implemented strategic alliances to strengthen domestic enterprises.

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